El Hemisferio is dedicated to providing detailed analysis and opinion of economic news and trends in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

El Hemisferio is looking for guest submissions.

Submissions should be topical and related to countries (e.g. Haiti, El Salvador, Chile) or regions (e.g. Central America; the Andes; Nuevo Leon, Mexico) in the Western Hemisphere, but not solely related to the United States or Canada.

Relevant subjects include

  • Fiscal policy,
  • Monetary policy,
  • Domestic politics,
  • International affairs,
  • Trade,
  • Inflation, and
  • Development.

Articles should be approximately between 300 and 2000 words. Data visualizations are strongly encouraged.

Please include a small paragraph about yourself along with your submitted article.

For questions or to submit an article, please email elhemisferioblog@gmail.com