Mexico Looks Away from the United States for New Trade Growth

Since the election of Donald Trump, the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto has shown an interest in boosting Mexico's trade with countries other than the United States. Last month, the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations, Luis Videgaray, met with his counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, in Moscow to discuss regional and multilateral issues. "Both Foreign Ministers agreed … Continue reading Mexico Looks Away from the United States for New Trade Growth

Bill in Congress Would Ban Imports of Venezuelan Oil

A bill in the Congress would ban the importation of certain oil products from Venezuela to the United States. Total imports last year of the goods covered by the proposed legislation amounted to more than $10.9 million, or more than 95 percent of all imported goods. The Protecting Against Tyranny and Responsible Imports Act (PATRIA) … Continue reading Bill in Congress Would Ban Imports of Venezuelan Oil

Trade Visualization: The Dominican Republic 2015

The Dominican Republic's top exports in 2015 were precious stones & metals, precision instruments, and tobacco. Its main imports in 2015 were electrical machinery, industrial machinery, and oil and mineral fuels. Overall in 2015, the Dominican Republic ran a sizeable trade deficit of more than US$16 billion. During that period, it ran surpluses with only … Continue reading Trade Visualization: The Dominican Republic 2015

Trade Visualization: Guatemala 2015

Guatemala is the largest country in Central America by gross domestic product (nearly US$50 million) and population (more than 16 million). Guatemala also has a large number of free and preferential trade agreements, many of which are multilateral and include El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. The following graphs show Guatemalan exports (blue … Continue reading Trade Visualization: Guatemala 2015

Trade Visualization: Argentina 2015

The following graphs depict Argentina’s trade partners, the types of goods traded, and the magnitude of trade by country and type in US dollars. In 2015, Argentina exported US$56.79 billion in goods. Unlike Mexico, no single country dominated as a destination for exports, although Brazil, China, and the United States received approximately a third of all … Continue reading Trade Visualization: Argentina 2015