Write for us (Escribe para nosotros)

El Hemisferio welcomes articles from outside contributors on a range of topics relating to Latin America and the Caribbean. Guest contributors may submit analysis and research articles using the contact form below.

Analysis articles should be approximately 500 to 1500 words. They should explain the “why” behind recent news and current events. These articles should go beyond summarization and provide readers with insight and understanding of the importance of the topic.

Research articles seek to address a specific question related to the Americas. These articles draw on academic literature including the latest papers from leading experts and synthesize current theories that provide a lens to understand the question at hand. Research articles should be at least 1000 words.

Current Writing Opportunities

El Hemisferio has several writing opportunities available. Currently, we are looking for writers to cover the following topics related to Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Foreign policy of major world powers, including the United States, European Union, Japan, Canada, and South Korea
  • Domestic policy of Latin American and Caribbean nations, especially Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela
  • Foreign policy of Latin American and Caribbean nations, especially Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela
  • Topics relating to migration issues, including remittances and US immigration policy
  • Economic development, including domestic programs and international development banks
  • Central banks and monetary policy
  • Issues related to indigenous peoples, including development and environmental issues

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to El Hemisferio, please provide a brief description of yourself and background as well as the topic or topic that you are interested in covering in the form below.