Maduro to Re-Denominate the Bolívar Fuerte

Venezuela will re-denominate the bolívar this summer by removing three zeros from its highly devalued currency. Hyperinflation in Venezuela has exacerbated one of the most severe economic crisis in the history of the Americas. President Nicolás Maduro announced last week that the… Read More ›

Rosneft Claims Venezuela Pays Its Debts

Rosneft, a Russian state-controlled oil company, says that Venezuela is repaying its debt on schedule. Rosneft is a major investor in the Venezuelan energy sector and the state-owned oil company, PDVSA, and the Russian government has been integral in propping up the… Read More ›

Venezuelan Migration Crisis Grows

The economic crisis in Venezuela has become a migration crisis. In the last two years, nearly one million Venezuelans emigrated as their country’s economy fell. The Washington Post reports on how Venezuela’s neighbors are dealing with influxes of migrants and… Read More ›