January 3, 2019: Interview With Sean Hannity on Hannity

On January 3, 2019, Sean Hannity interviewed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The interview began with a discussion of immigration policy and included the erroneous claim that 3,700 immigrant with ties to terror were apprehended at the US-Mexico border. The transcript below was edited to only include issues related to Latin America and the Caribbean.

QUESTION: Mr. Secretary, good to see you. I see this as a massive national security issue. It deals with relations, obviously, with Mexico. It’s about drugs being brought into the country, human trafficking, criminals, gang members, some people that have ties to terror. Why shouldn’t we all view this as a national security issue?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Well, Sean, thanks for having me on tonight. We should. We should all be very serious about this. I’ve been the CIA director. I’m now the Secretary of State. This has enormous national security implications. Border security is an important part of American sovereignty and keeping Americans safe. There is a central role to make sure that we know who is coming in and what is coming in to our country, and President Trump is doing the right thing in making sure we understand what’s moving across that border, and we do so with enough border security so we have confidence and we can do this on behalf of the American people.

QUESTION: We’ve been able to apprehend 3,700 people that we have identified as having ties to terror?

SECRETARY POMPEO: There’s lots of risks associated. The narcotics risk itself has enormous implications for people inside the United States. There are lots of things that come across that southern border that we need to get control over, and President Trump is determined to make that happen. It includes the risk that we have terrorists come across that border.

Source: United State Secretary of State

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