Quarantine takes economic toll on some in Venezuela

After suffering economic collapse, hyper-inflation, and massive political destabilization, Venezuelans now must face the looming threat of the coronavirus.

President Nicolas Maduro issued a quarantine order starting Monday in Caracas.

On Friday, the government confirmed the first two cases of COVID-19. Both were tied to travel from country with active outbreaks of the disease. Since that time, the number of cases has risen to 17.

Reuters reports that the military check points on major streets leading into the city, while the police enforce the order inside the nation’s capital.

Some Venezuelans living at the edge or in absolute poverty of less than $2 per day, must stay economically active in order to survive.

Many Venezuelans fear failing ill knowing how broken the socialist nation’s healthcare system has become during the recent economic catastrophe.

Even Juan Guaido, the opposition leader who is recognized by many nations as the legitimate president of Venezuela, called on his fellow Venezuelans to abide by the quarantine.

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