Venezuela Confirms First Cases Of Coronavirus

On Friday, Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez confirmed the first two cases of the coronavirus, reports Reuters.

The two infected Venezuelans arrived in the country on March 5 and 8 from Spain on Iberia flights. Both are in quarantine as well as other passengers that arrived on the same flights.

Following the announcement, President Nicolas Maduro declared a “State of National Alarm,” which allows the president to take drastic measures to combat the crisis. The government is requiring passengers on public transit to wear masks, banned dining in restaurants, and cancelled classes indefinitely.

On Saturday, the government of Venezuela announced additional measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Reuters, the government closed some public places including parks, beach clubs, and theaters. It also ordered that anyone who arrived in the country from Europe in March must remain quarantined in their homes and suspended all flights to Europe and Colombia.

Europe is currently facing a major outbreak with 17,660 confirmed cases in Italy, 4,231 in Spain, 3,640 in France, and 3,062 in Germany, according to the World Health Organization. Colombia currently has 16 confirmed cases.

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