Lima Group Declaration: June 29, 2019

The leaders of Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Chile, members of the Lima Group, reiterated their commitment to the peaceful restoration of constitutional democracy in Venezuela today in Osaka on the margins of the G20.

During their meeting, Lima Group leaders strongly condemned the repression and systematic violation of human rights of Venezuelans by the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro.

They urged the international community, the United Nations system, and its Secretary-General to strengthen measures to protect Venezuelans and alleviate the consequences of the humanitarian crisis, caused by the actions of the Maduro regime.

The leaders committed to working with the international community in redoubling efforts to resolve the crisis in Venezuela. They called upon those countries that still support the Maduro regime to consider the adverse impact that their support has on the Venezuelan people and throughout the region.

Finally, they called for a strengthened and unified international commitment to uphold the human rights of the Venezuelan people, including the freeing of all political prisoners; and pledged to work within the Lima Group and with all willing international partners towards a democratic and peaceful transition in Venezuela.

The statement by the Lima Group was originally published by the Government of Canada. It is reproduced here for non-commercial purposes only.

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