Former Bolivian Minister Accused of Misusing Office to Support Morales and MAS

The new Bolivian minister of communication, Roxana, Lizarraga, accused her predecessor, Amanda Davila, of inappropriately using the State Editorial the to provide political support to former president Evo Morales and his political party, MAS, reports La Razon.

Evo Morales created the State Editorial (la Editorial del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia) in 2013 by Decree 1818 to print government documents, books, and the official state newspaper Cambio. The State Editorial was inaugurated in 2017, according to Los Tiempos.

Cesar Rojas, the new manage of the State Editorial, presented evidence at a joint press conference with Lizarraga. Rojas said at least three irregularities were detected: misuse of influences, use of state property, and economic damage to the state.

During the press conference, Rojas accused Davila of using the State Editorial to print election propaganda for Morales and the MAS party, including posters, agendas, and calendars.

Rojas also said that Morales’ daughter, Evaliz, of using State Editorial facilities for political meetings. He presented a picture of Evaliz, Davila, and two other women meeting in the management office.

He also presented audio recordings of people discussing contributions to the MAS campaign. Rojas said that Davila was one of the individuals caught on the recording.

Lizarraga said that the allegations would be investigated.

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