Bolivia to Hold New Presidential Elections

President Jeanine Anez signed a law which calls for new elections within 120 days and prohibits former president Evo Morales and his former vice president, Alvaro Garcia Linera, from running for president.

Morales and Linera both resigned office earlier this month. Their resignations came after intense protests following a controversial election which saw Morales narrowly win a fourth term. Morales fled Bolivia on November 11 after being granted asylum in Mexico.

According to La Razon, under the new law the Plurinational Legislative Assembly has 20 days to elect members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, who will serve for six years. After being elected, the members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal will then have two days to approve an electoral calendar.

The new law prohibits Bolivians holding office if they were re-elected in the previous two elections, which prohibits Morales or Linera from running for office.

However, the new law does not prohibit Morales’ party from fielding candidates.

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