Deputy Prime Minister Borisov: Russia Does Not Plan to Send Additional Military Specialists to Venezuela

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that his country does not plan to send anymore military specialists to Venezuela, according to Reuters.

Russia sent military personnel to Venezuela in March. According to CNN, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the “specialists” were in Venezuela “in accordance with the provisions of the bilateral intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation” between the two countries.

At the time, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged the presence of the Russians in Venezuela. “There have been Russians there before, so in that sense it’s not brand new, but as President Trump said I think two days ago now, they’ve got to go,” said Secretary Pompeo in an interview in late-March.

The announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Borisov came as the United States and its allies have been increasingly outspoken against Russia, China, and other countries for supporting the government of President Maduro

Standing alongside Secretary Pompeo in London on Wednesday, United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt expressed his country’s concern with the situation in Venezuela.

“Turning to Venezuela, I’m deeply concerned by the plight of the Venezuelan people, who have suffered so much at the hands of Maduro, and we must intensify pressure on the regime, including through potential further sanctions and condemn those who are propping up Maduro, particularly Russia, whose deployment of military personnel in Caracas will achieve nothing except prolong the suffering of the Venezuelan people,” said Secretary Hunt. “So that’s why earlier today, the foreign office expressed our deep concern about the Kremlin’s actions to the Russian charge d’affaires.”

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