Guaidó Returns To Venezuela Ahead Of Protests

Juan Guaidó landed at the Caracas airport Monday morning ahead of planned opposition protests in the capital and throughout Venezuela.

In a tweet, Guaidó said he was able to get through immigration, apparently avoiding confrontation with government officials.

The opposition leader was greeted at the airport by a crowd of supporters. According to CNN, thousands of supporters gathered in Plaza Alfredo Sadel waiting for Guaidó.

Yesterday, Guaidó warned that there would be consequences if government officials attempted to arrest him.

“If the usurper and his accomplices dare to try to hold me, we have left a clear route, with clear instructions to follow by our international allies and brothers of Parliament,” tweeted Guaidó on Sunday.

United States National Security Director, John Bolton, tweeted out support for Guaidó and reiterated the US’s support.

“Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido has announced his planned return to Venezuela,” tweeted Bolton. “Any threats or acts against his safe return will be met with a strong and significant response from the United States and the international community.”

Guaidó is the leader of the democratically elected National Assembly. More than 50 countries recognized him as the interim president of Venezuela after Nicolás Maduro refused to hold new presidential elections.

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