Officials from the United States and Cuba met for the seventh Bilateral Commission. The meeting occurred in Washington, DC on June 14, according to the US State Department.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs John Creamer led the US delegation, and the Director General for US Affairs Carlos Fernandez de Cossio led the Cuban delegation.

During the meeting, the United States brought up several issues, including the detention of journalists and human rights activists and the attacks on US diplomats in Havanna last year.

The attacks affected more than 20 diplomats and their families. Victims suffered hearing loss, headaches, and tinnitus, among other symptoms.

Donald Trump and top Republican politicians believe that the “sonic attacks” were perpetrated by Cuba. At a press conference in October 2017, Trump said that he thought the Cuban government was behind the attacks. In retaliation, the Trump administration expelled 17 Cuban diplomats from Washington, DC.

Reuters recently reported that two functionaries of the US State Department in Cuba reported similar symptoms to previous attacks.

The next meeting between the United States and Cuban delegations will take place this summer for the biannual “Migration Talks and Law Enforcement Dialogue.”