President Trump Casts Doubt on NAFTA Renegotiations at Campaign Rally in Arizona

Embed from Getty Images

In a rally in Arizona, a border state that relies heavily on trade with Mexico, President Donald Trump cast doubt on the ability of Canada, Mexico, and the United States to renegotiation the North American Free Trade Agreement.

After reiterating his belief that Mexico and Canada benefited more from NAFTA than the United States, President Trump said,

I personally don’t think you can make a deal without a termination, but we’re going to see what happens, OK? 

The United States’ trading partners in NAFTA waved off Trump’s comments. As Reuters reports,

Mexico and Canada on Wednesday dismissed U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest threat to scrap NAFTA, describing it as a negotiating tactic aimed at winning the upper hand in talks to update one of the world’s biggest trading blocs.

President Trump’s comments came just days after representatives from Canada, Mexico, and the United States wrapped up the first round of renegotiations.

The next round of negotiations will begin on September 1 in Mexico City.

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