The following graphs depict Argentina’s trade partners, the types of goods traded, and the magnitude of trade by country and type in US dollars.

In 2015, Argentina exported US$56.79 billion in goods. Unlike Mexico, no single country dominated as a destination for exports, although Brazil, China, and the United States received approximately a third of all goods exported in 2015.

Screenshot (115).png
Top 10 destinations for exports from Argentina in 2015 by value; source: UNCOMTRADE

IN 2015, Argentina imported US$59.76 billion in goods. Goods from just three countries, Brazil, China, and the United States, represent more than half of all goods Argentina imported in 2015 by value.

Screenshot (116).png
Top 10 origins for imports to Argentina in 2015 by value; source: UNCOMTRADE

Argentina traded the most with Brazil, China, and the United States and had significant deficits with each. Overall, Argentina had a US$2.97 billion trade deficit in 2015.

Screenshot (117).png
Net trade with select countries in 2015 by value; source: UNCOMTRADE

The types of goods traded are categorized into about 5000 commodity groups using the Harmonized System. These groups are collected into 16 board categories in the graphs below.

Vegetable products and foodstuffs made up just over 53 percent of Argentina’s exported goods in 2015. Unlike many countries south of the equator, Argentina has a large temperate zone which allows it to be an agricultural powerhouse since it can grow crops such as wheat, corn, and soybeans when countries in the northern hemisphere cannot.

The Macri administration removed many barriers to trade for the agricultural sector in 2016. The impacts of these policies on trade will not be fully known until the 2016 data become available.

Screenshot (113).png
Exports from Argentina in 2015 by commodity type; source: UNCOMTRADE

Argentina primarily imported processed goods such as vehicles, electronics, and chemical products.

Screenshot (112).png
Imports to Argentina in 2015 by commodity type; source: 2015

As the graph below shows, Argentina had a substantial trade surplus in vegetable products and foodstuffs and an equally substantial trade deficit in machinery/electrical products. Of the five specified commodity types that Argentina exported more than it imported, four of the five were in the agricultural sector.

Screenshot (114).png
Net trade in 2015 by commodity type; source: UNCOMTRADE

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